The Yoga Studio at Beyond Fitness offers a full spectrum of classes for all levels. Learn yoga in a safe, professional, therapeutic atmosphere under the guidance of Butte County’s most respected, experienced and certified instructors. We are the only yoga studio on the Ridge that provides child care and showers to our students.

Yoga Schedule

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and move easily. Yoga is traditionally done barefoot. It is also recommended that you practice on an empty stomach. We appreciate you coming on time to these classes so as not to disturb the ambiance of the class or the instructor.

Beginning Yoga


This hour class is designed to introduce newcomers to the basics of Hatha Yoga, as well as members who want to review and continue to develop a basic yoga practice.

Gentle Yoga


Enjoy a more restorative yoga practice in this hour class. This is ideal for seniors, members recovering from injury, and members requiring a slower pace of instruction.

Good Morning Yoga


Come enjoy an hour of yoga to prepare you for work or play. All levels welcome.

Mixed Yoga


Learn the many poses of Hatha Yoga in an hour and a half class tailored to accommodate different levels of experience. Explore proper alignment, breathing and mindfulness in the lyengar and Anusara traditions. Beginners are welcome. Instructors will provide modifications as well as intermediate and advanced poses for more experienced participants.

Restorative Yoga


This is the perfect way to end your week. This class is for all levels and the focus is relaxation and breathing. All poses are supported and nurturing. This class is easily adaptive to injury and recovery as well.

Tai Chi Chi Gong


Feel the Chi energy pulse through your mind, body and spirit. This slow and gentle art of movement is both relaxing and energizing.

Yin Yoga


A profoundly rejuvenating practice working to safely stretch deep muscle and connective tissue using slow, gentle stretches.



This is a class designed especially for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. The focus is always positive, uplifting and calming. All levels will feel comfortable and capable. It is open to the public and free to all who come.