Try Group Exercise Classes for your good health!

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July 2017 Group Fitness Schedule

SuzanneBeyond Fitness is excited about its focus on aerobic group fitness, taught by talented, passionate, experienced instructors. Classes are a great way to keep healthy and motivated. With multiple group fitness rooms and the best new equipment, we hope you get hooked on aerobics!

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Session Descriptions

Try out any of these for a great fit:

Ageless Fitness: Are you looking for a well rounded workout suitable for all levels? This is the perfect class introduction for newcomers to group fitness. Hand/eye coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance are highlighted to create optimum health.

All About Abs: This is a brief session of abdominal training using a variety of sculpting tools.

Body Blast: Want a big workout in a little amount of time?! This interval training class is just what you need to get a total body workout including a variety of cardio-vascular and strength training exercises.

Bod Squad: ~Fee Based Class~Get ready for an all-over body toning boot camp style class alternating intense cardio, strength and core drills. Expect a wife variety of movements throughout the four-week period to keep you on your toes.

Cardio Dance: Upbeat routines with simple steps to follow, this class is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep your heart rate up. Suitable for any fitness level.

H.I.T. (High Intensity Training): An intense cardio strength combo class using intervals, calisthenics, weight training, plyometric and team drills.

Kickboxing: Mix up your routine with flexibility and strength-building moves. A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind.

Latin Fusion: Find your rhythm in this Latin inspired movement class that will turn exercise into a blast!! Come experience this energy- infused class with selections of hip-hop and Latin influenced music.

Lean and Mean: A combination of resistance training and high-intensity cardio intervals are used to stoke up your metabolic fire and increase lean body mass. Intended to make your lip curl, sweat drip and force your body to change.

Let’s Dance: A low-impact dance aerobic class for all fitness levels, done to your favorite tunes from the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s.

Lift: For those looking to tone up and get fit, this head- to- toe training workout will do the trick! Focus is on all major muscle groups using the group strength equipment. All levels of fitness are welcome.

Mat Pilates: A gentle, yet effective, form of exercise that helps to tone and strengthen your body by doing slow, fluid and virtually impact-free movements.

Sit and Be Fit: You will be amazed and pleased to discover that you can get a total body workout while sitting in a chair. This class is taught following the Arthritis Foundation recommendations.

Spin: A fun cardio workout on specially designed stationary bikes, using great music and motivating instructors.

Step: A calorie-burning, energizing workout on a step platform will help you improve your cardiovascular system while having a great time! Step 2: Intermediate level choreography for the more experienced stepper. Step 3: Advanced choreography for those up for the body and mind challenge!

U-Jam Fitness: An athletic urban dance fitness workout that combines dance and high energy music for a workout that is bound to get your heart rate up, your body moving and make you work up a sweat- all while having FUN!

Zumba Gold: Come and enjoy this fun workout with easy to follow steps such as the Salsa, cha-cha and meringue, while listening to the sounds of international music.

Zumba/Hula Dance: This gentle level hula class is designed for those with special needs and developmental disabilities. $3.00 per class for non-members.