Aqua sessions improve strength, tone, and flexibility!

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September Aqua Schedule 2017

September Aqua Class Descriptions 2017

Aqua classes improve strength, toning and increases flexibility of all muscles by using the water’s resistance and aqua equipment. We offer slow-paced and fast-paced classes with plenty of time available for individual aqua work. Each class is set to music designed to increase aerobic capacity, aid in weight control, burn calories and work on balance and coordination. Aqua classes are a great alternative, or addition to traditional aerobics. Water allows resistance without stress and is easier on joints and the musculoskeletal system. We offer a wide variety of classes to meet our members’ needs.

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Skyway Pool Policies

Pentz Pool Policies


Session Descriptions

Adult Quiet Time: The indoor pool is used for quiet water exercise. Please, no aggressive movements in the water.

Aqua 101: This class will focus on functional movement and body mechanics for your everyday life!

Aqua Fusion: You never know what you’re going to get in this high-energy aqua class. Circuits, kickboxing, Latin dances, intervals, aqua aerobics, strength training and plenty of cardio time combine to form this fun class. Using a great mix of Oldies and Latin music, this class is sure to get your heart pumping!

Aqua Power: Be empowered in this low impact, high energy water workout for your entire body!

DSC_2159Aqua Strong: An hour of exercise for those who want to increase their endurance and strength in a safe environment. There will be a variety of instructors teaching this class so each week will be an opportunity to learn and experience something new.

Exercise Time: Adults are welcome to participate in self-guided water exercises. Children are not allowed in the pool during exercise time. Please check aqua equipment out at the front desk.

Family Swim: This is a time for families to enjoy the pool together. Regardless of age, parents must be in the pool or on the pool deck at all times. Parents may not sit in the hot tub while their children are in the pool. Adults are also welcome to participate in self- guided water exercises during this time.

Free Swim: All ages are invited to come and play, splash and enjoy our pool. Posted pool regulations must be followed at all times.

Friendly Wave: Come enjoy the serenity of water’s soothing and calming atmosphere in a friendly class, while working out with an experienced instructor.

Strong Currents: This class is a challenging morning workout that encompasses cardiovascular conditioning, muscle sculpting, flexibility, and fat burning.

Super Splash: This class combining aerobic exercise and resistance training will take your workout to the next level!

Swim Lessons: Offered for all ages and levels, there are private or group lessons with no more than 4 in a group. For information see the front desk or call either club location (phone numbers below).

Supervised Swim Times: Offered in June, July and August only – Parents with children ages 6-13, who can pass a swim test, may sign their child in with the lifeguard on duty in lieu of using their 2 hours daily of the on- site childcare. This program is no charge for members who stay on-site, or is $5.00 per day as a drop off.    12:00pm-3:00pm M-W-F at our Pentz Location, Tuesday/Thursday at Skyway.

US Masters Swim Program- Intensity: Master swimmers follow a coached 2000 yard swim practice maximizing energy systems by use of focused sets, technique drills and timed interval training.

US Masters Swim Program- Form: Master swimmers follow a coached 2000 yard swim practice maximizing stroke efficiency by use of multi-stroke sets, technique drills and accelerating speed intervals.

Lap Swimming

Members can enjoy lap swimming at either club. During the winter months of November through March the Pentz Club lap pool closes. Lap swimming is still available at the Skyway Club during the winter months. Occasionally lane sharing is required. Below is a video to assist members with this procedure.

Lane Sharing Etiquette